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analysis annotated asce bibliography blog bme branick bucholtz civil code communication community comparison computer dicourse discourse engineering experiment final football freebie gee group johns journalism kickstarter literacy memo midterm mirabelli monk perl planning post process programming progression project proposal python report research samraj science second soccer swales technical workplace writing Soccer as a Discourse Community?Christian Salvatierra April 12, 2013 Throughout sport’s history, we have witnessed the new forms of interaction and built of boundaries that sports have emerged.

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Besides being a soccer community, the SBU community encourages its members in education for them to flourish as individuals and “promote educational achievement.” In today’s society, there are many communities that surround us.

Some of which we are not aware of and some in which we are very familiar with or are involved in.

Sometimes it is difficult to read the opponent’s plays at the moment but as a defender one must be aware of all possible plays three times ahead of the opponent player.

Another goal of the defender is to have great confidence in one-self in order to gain control of your position and prevent the opponent player to take over.

Moreover, one main goal of the mid-fielders is to have possession of the ball.

Besides ball possession their goal is to pass the ball and build plays to score goals.Sooner after other teams were created as the community started expanding.By the summer of 2009 coach George Nantwi, also the travel Youth Coordinator, coached the SBU 93 Sonics (back then the U16 boys team).Their main shared goal within the SBU community is “building leaders and scholars through soccer.” Indeed, this is one of John Swales’, a professor of linguistics, proposals of a discourse community.As described by Swales, “A discourse community has a broadly agreed set of common public goals.” (Swales 1990).Soccer is a major sport played in today’s society; therefore, it has approach communication and cooperation very differently as oppose to literacy.For instance, the South Bronx United (SBU) community of Soccer does not only bring kids and teenagers together with the idea of playing soccer but also to guide to become better individuals.The SBU community “uses soccer as a vehicle for social change.” It proposes a general goal which “aims to help youth build a character, teamwork, and leadership so they can succeed in high school, college, careers, their communities and beyond.” Although diversity may be view as a challenge that the SBU 93-Sonics faces since it has players from places such as South America, Africa, and Latin America which possess different techniques in soccer.Coach George views diversity to be a good element in soccer.Although definitions for a discourse community sometimes vary from author to author I have decided to use the John Swales’ definition of a discourse community.Based on the Swales’ definition of a discourse community, a community whether academically or not must meet all six categories proposed by him: “common goals, participatory mechanism, information exchange, community specific genres, a highly specialized terminology and a high general level of expertise.” (Swales p.


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