Diploma Social Work Courses

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Take your social work practice and your career to the next level.

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(1) Masters of Social Work, University College Cork (2) Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work Studies, University College Cork (3) Masters of Social Science (Social Work), University College Dublin (4) Graduate Diploma in Social Work, University College Dublin (5) Masters in Social Work, University of Dublin, Trinity College (6) Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work, University of Dublin, Trinity College (7) Masters in Social Work, National University of Ireland Galway (8) Bachelor of Social Work, University College Cork (9) Bachelor in Social Studies, University of Dublin, Trinity College Approved Qualifications for Social Workers Bye-Law 2011 For more information: Contact CORU for further information E: [email protected]: 012 933 160 Entry to postgraduate professional courses requires a 3-year Social Science degree or its equivalent and this route can take five years in total. p_tag=PROG&MAJR=W426 Trinity College Dublin: Master of Social Work (MSW) School of Social Work and Social Policy T: 353 18 96 26 27 Website: https://ie/swsp/postgraduate/social-work/ National University of Ireland, Galway: Master in Social Work (MSW) School of Political Science and Sociology T: 353 91 52 44 11 Website: to apply There are two routes to postgraduate study: Combine an academic social science degree with professional social work training and are 4 years full-time Trinity College Dublin: Bachelor in Social Studies (BSS) School of Social Work and Social Policy T: 353 18 96 41 01 Website: https://ie/swsp/undergraduate/social-studies/ Combines an honours degree in the social sciences (BSS) with professional education in social work.

University College Cork: Master of Social Work (MSW) School of Applied Social Studies T: 353 02 14 90 22 28 Website: https://ie/en/cke64/ University College Dublin: Professional Masters in Social Work School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice T: 01 716 86 82 Website: https://ie/usis/!

Performance assessments are based on tests/examinations, assignments, and field placements to ensure appropriate and effective transfer of learning and application of theoretical knowledge in preparation for graduate practice.

Diploma in Social Work graduates have a higher likelihood of being employed in government or non-government organisations offering social work related services in the areas of social welfare, social care, social rehabilitation, residential or custodial care, health and mental health, child and family welfare, working with minority populations (i.e.

This gives students easy access to all parts of the city and country via taxi, bus, LRT, KTM and monorail.

For students who are already employed in an NGO, their first placement will be in their own organisation.It is a competency-based educational programme which has been designed in reference to the National Competency Standards for Social Work Practice (2010) where standard areas have been identified at a specific level for diploma students.The programme and mode of study is approved by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE).For older students and working adults, they can utilise part of their EPF savings, if available.They are highly experienced in government and non-government fields of social work practice with a basic and/or postgraduate degree from a recognised university.You’ll learn to read and appraise the latest social work research, and master methodological and theoretical issues and research methods.You’ll also deepen your knowledge of cultural competence as it relates to research and practice principles with Māori and other diverse cultural groups.The Diploma in Social Work programme will contribute towards an expansion of professionally-trained human resource in social work practice which is critically needed to manage the increasing numbers of people experiencing psychosocial problems, crises and pressures in daily living.It will also provide a pathway to an undergraduate degree in social work or related fields if the student wishes to pursue a higher level of qualification.indigenous, migrant, refugee) and in social advocacy and community development programmes.KL Sentral station, the city's major transportation hub, is within walking distance from MCKL.


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