Differentiated Assignments

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Level the classroom library in order to help students find appropriate books for independent reading time.

Color-coordinating the shelves is an easy way for students to find books that are suitable for their reading skills.

Differentiation has been a buzzword in education for years.

As a literacy specialist, it is a critical part of my job.

For example, a good extension activity in reading is to rewrite the end of the book, or to write about what would you like to discuss with the main character or the author.

activity downloads, which encourage students to thinking more deeply about a topic or text, are a great resources).Use inquiry-based learning to allow students to investigate areas of interest.Inquiry-based learning is also great for cross-curriculum work!In this article, we’ll explore differentiated instruction in the classroom and opportunities to incorporate it in to lessons.Also, available for download is a tip sheet with 13 ideas for differentiated reading instruction in the elementary classroom.You can create an anchor chart to use as a reference guide or draw a picture/table/diagram/graph to foster a clearer understanding.If applicable, provide a video clip on the smartboard (this is a sure-fire way to engage students).There are endless opportunities to incorporate differentiation into your classroom!Be sure to not only verbally explain the topic or idea you are instructing on, but also to have a visual.There are many online resources that support students in the areas of Scaffold your instruction by giving clear explicit explanations with visuals. This method of scaffolded instruction is known as the I, We, You method.Be sure to give these students self-monitoring and fix-up strategies to allow them more independence when working alone.


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