Difference Between Dissertation And Thesis

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The length may vary, depending on whether it is completed for the undergraduate or master’s level, but often they are about a hundred pages.

The work is overseen by a professor, who is often called the advisor or the supervisor.

Since both a thesis and a dissertation may be parts of the postgraduate research, let’s distinguish the types of defense not by the name of the defended research work, but by the level of academic study for verifying which the work is prepared.

That leaves us with a defense for Master’s and Ph D/Doctoral level of study – one major distinction refers to the number of people involved in the defense.

When it is completed and approved in its final version by all the examiners, it may become publicly available through the university library digital repository or another public database.

Sometimes people use the term “thesis” when they really mean “dissertation”.

Naming the scientific work correctly is one of the basic indicators of its comprehension, so let’s clarify the intricacies of dissertation versus thesis naming to give you the power of seeming an expert in the field.

In Europe, and specifically in the UK, a Doctoral thesis is a larger and more important work than the dissertation is.

It is mandatory to include only original research into the thesis, while dissertations are usually submitted by the student as intermediary parts of the postgraduate research process.

Hence, the thesis possesses a certain kind of seniority as compared to a dissertation in the UK context.


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