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i thought it might be a screenwriting term, and it is, although i dont know if it was one in the 70s.

i also found a definition strictly within communications media as “an immediate change in a complex system with no phase-in period.” And there you might have the organizing principle of this piece.) She shares with us some notes on a psychotic breakdown she experienced at this time.

Joan Didion's essay "Goodbye to All That" is a detailed piece about her experiences in New York city.

The story begins with her arrival in New York and continues through almost a decade of her life, stopping ever so briefly to cover major changes in her life and personality.

There is also a moment with Huey Newton after his incarceration, and a report from a visit to a student occupation in San Fran City College — Didion’s journalist instincts are top-notch, she goes after the right details to put the context together, such as the socioeconomic standing of this Cali neighborhood or that one.

One section details a recording session by the Doors. Many lines are spent on the Manson killings, which have many small connections to Didion’s life, from having wine spilt on her dress by Mr.Didion describes the house she lived in at this moment and place, the late sixties in Hollywood.Weird things and weird people move through her life.Confronting our stories, our values and identities, as articles of faith can be vertiginous.But as Didion writes: “an attack of vertigo and nausea does not now seem to me an inappropriate response to the summer of 1968.” The fifteen sections of “The White Album” dont necessarily unify into a story, although there are some fascinating stories within them.White and "Goodbye to All That" by Joan Didion, one may conclude that the days of ignorance and innocence, often referred to as the days youth, have had a dramatic and everlasting impression upon these two writers. White's recollection of his "holy spot," the lake, is the result of what he calls a mental process that involves the "[remembering] of one thing, [which] suddenly reminds you of another thing." ...Joan Didion's assertion that the "days before [she] knew the names of all the bridges were happier than the ones that came later" is the result of her overexposure to New ...The notion becomes marked with an anxious uncertainty.How do we draw the material of life into something coherent and linear? And if storytelling is just a hopeless delusion of myth making, pasted over the sound and fury of a chaotic and unfeeling universe, how are we supposed to feel about the persuasive thought that our survival depends on our storytelling?Then came her first springs where "both seemed one and the same, filled with wonder and awe," (Didion 228).Didion continues by recalling a spring day on a street corner, where the sights, sounds, and smells of New York would one day cost something, all of this made her feel like more of a stranger to the city.


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