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As an MBA student, you are high performing and self-directed, and you recognize the MBA degree as an important component for career success.However, you may not be aware of certain developmental opportunities embedded within the process of earning your degree.

A next step would be to develop and write an article for a journal or trade association. : As you complete your degree and advance your career, seek opportunities to mentor, coach, and help others dealing with challenges similar to your own.

Consider identifying a colleague or family member whose you can now help advance.

They say that rather than focusing on “time and things” emphasis should be placed on “relationships and results.” Recommendations include “How to turn your weeks into an upward spiral of learning and living” and “How to lead your life, not just manage your time.” 6. MBA students are generational “digital natives.” They use social media to establish and build professional relationships. : Launch a website using “just your name.” This would simply include your first name, last name, and

Your employment in an organization and/or owner/operator of your own business may come and go.

As an MBA professor, I often hear students express surprise in recognizing their skills after completing a competency-based project. They may be relevant to your current or future career. However, MBA classroom activities, projects, and self-assessments provide students with a wide variety of positive and constructive feedback.

Use this positive feedback to nurture your self-esteem.

Or, use the concepts you have studied to inspire a journal article. More than likely, a number of individuals have helped you complete your degree.

The process can begin by submitting a short article for an internal organizational newsletter or a professional association newsletter. Faculty, colleagues, and family have been part of your support team.

Examples include completing an organizational situational audit, conducting a market research study, and designing a leadership development plan. At the end of the MBA degree you will have a portfolio of approximately 25 research-based, graduate-level projects that will not only “memorialize” your MBA experience but also document your academic performance. This assessment tool will assist you in identifying your competency strengths and those that require additional development.

: Take time to affirm your strengths by keeping a competency log. Research indicates that most individuals do not receive sufficient, ongoing positive feedback for their performance, especially at work.


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