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Find materials for this course in the pages linked along the left. Use OCW to guide your own life-long learning, or to teach others. Some of the most distinguished translators and writers of our times offer reflections that deepen our understanding of the delicate and sometimes dangerous balancing act that translators must perform. [T]hese are stories of encounters and relationships occasioned by the need to bring together different spheres of existence.Translators are often inconspicuous or unnoticed; here we have a chance to peer into the realities and the fantasies of those who live in two languages, and the result is altogether thrilling and instructive.”– Peter Connor, director of the Center for Translation Studies, Barnard College their narrative impetus. No matter that the gaps revealed in translation may sometimes—as in Lydia Davis’s story—cache outright murders, translation turns out to be less alchemy and more adhesive, taking languages or peoples or individual texts that had been separate and binding them together.”– Jeffrey Zuckerman, Lynne Sharon Schwartz is the author of eight novels, three short story collections, three essay collections, three books of poetry, and three translations from Italian.Ultimately the stories and essays in this collection are about no less than communication itself: its limitations, its rewards, and above all its importance in today's rapidly shrinking world.“What an astonishing collection, it seemed as if I could drink it—these pieces exude such humanness, refer effortlessly to the tender place that exists in between languages, and somehow leave you with both everything and nothing to say.”– Ella Frances Sanders, author of “A superb translator herself, Lynne Sharon Schwartz has a nuanced grasp of the deeper metaphysics of this transfer of energies, this crossing of psychological thresholds.Her selections are beautiful interrogations from fictional and essayistic vantages, and taken together they rejuvenate the age-old questions surrounding the translator's art.”– Sven Birkerts, author of “By turns humorous, grave, chilling, and caustic, the stories and essays gathered in this volume reveal all the splendors and all the miseries of the translator's task.It is Danny Miller's remarkable ability to influence and manipulate others into crossing these borders, mostly to benefit himself and this is largely demonstrated in Danny's attempts to manipulate Tom Seymour.Ultimately, Tom is found to have crossed several borders, such as the moral line in allowing Danny to remain free of hospitalisation, although it appears necessary.In Lydia Davis's playful "French Lesson I: Le Meurtre," what begins as an innocuous lesson in beginner's French soon hints at something more sinister.And in the essay "On Translating and Being Translated," Primo Levi addresses the dangers and difficulties awaiting the translator, concluding that each translation invariably loses something of the original, but it is worth doing anyway.' As the title suggests, Pat Barker's ' Border Crossing' is largely concerned with the crossing of invisible borders or conventional boundaries.These borders have been created to establish personal, social and moral lines or limits in addition to legal rulings and social contract.


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