Critical Thinking The Art Of Argument

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In fact, if a high school student has had no formal logic education this book can be used as a starting point. Ad Fontem Arguments, Appeals to Emotion, Red Herrings, Presumptions, Fallacies of Presupposition, Fallacies of Induction, and Fallacies of Clarity.

Each of these sections is broken down into specific categories.

This book is composed in such a way that it makes delving into logic, debate, and critical thinking easy.

This book is geared for middle high schoolers, but coupled with a couple other books I would have no problem giving high school credit for completion of the book.

Disclaimer: I received The Art of Argument, as a member of the tos crew, for no compensation in exchange for my fair and honest review.

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If he's really shy and[br]rarely goes to parties, then it's probable that he[br]won't be at tonight's party.

Similarly, the third reason[br]also gives you a good reason to believe that[br]Monty won't be at the party.

So critical thinking is making sure we have good reasons for our beliefs, and so one of the essential[br]skills that you learn when you're studying[br]critical thinking is how to distinguish good reasons[br]for believing something from bad reasons for believing something.

Now, it's worth saying something about how I'm using the term "good" here.


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