Critical Thinking Jobs

With Space X advancing space travel faster than we could imagine a decade ago, it could be time for potential pilots to reach beyond the skies.

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Courses to get you started: Researching legal matters, preparing contracts and legal documentation—these are some of the administrative and clerical duties a legal secretary performs for a law firm.

The role would put an analytical thinker’s key skills to good use as it takes the ability to work with copious amounts of information each day, plus great attention to detail.

Further, Memory Surgeons may be able to remove negative memories to treat depression and other psychological illnesses.

Although a lot of the jobs that exist today will be automated by 2030, you should be excited about the future, not scared of it.

Courses to get you started: Criminology is the scientific analysis of crime and responses to it—a fascinating field for analytical thinkers to delve into.

It often involves structuring ideas and working with complex theories to solve problems faced by the criminal justice system.Attention to detail will prove extremely useful when interpreting and analysing financial data for clients.As an analytical thinker, you might prefer working independently and being able to spend time poring over problems—these are both key elements of being an accountant.Check out some of the most innovative companies in the world below! While the Ivy Leagues, Stanford, MIT, UChicago, Duke and other top private schools have a reputation for reaping high returns in graduate salaries, top US public universities also have a high return on investment for their students post graduation day.Explore the best universities in the US & UK to study English and Literature! Filling out the application for UC may be a little different this year, especially when you get to the Activities List More articles...Excellent organisational skills are also a benefit when it comes to keeping on top of numerous cases and clients.Do you remember what life was like before i Phones? By 2025, we’ll lose over five million jobs to automation.It is a well known scientific fact that the earth’s population cannot survive on fossil fuel forever, so alternative energy sources are at the forefront of energy science and research.An Alternative Energy Consultant would be a universal expert on all alternative energy sources including solar, hydro, nuclear energy and more. A new Mc Kinsey report warns that machines and AI could destroy another 73 million U. jobs by 2030, displacing up to 800 million workers worldwide. A study by Ball State University estimates that 5 million U. factory jobs have been lost to automation since 2000.


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