Critical Thinking Dispositions Inventory

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It also includes connecting observations and inquiries in existing knowledge base, being alert to any need for intervention, and anticipating any conceptual difficulties or consequences.

The second to last disposition in this list, but one of the most important, is being open-minded.

This self-confidence comes a little later than other dispositions, perhaps after some training when critical thinking occurs.

Self-confidence refers to confidence in resolving issues, along with confidence in the judgments you make.

Being analytical is described by Facione, et al, as a core disposition for the inquiring mind.

Being analytic includes such traits as valuing the use of reason and evidence to resolve issues.Truth-seeking can mean being honest about pursuing your inquiry, even when the findings don't support your original opinions, or if the findings require you to change your mind.It can also mean being courageous about asking questions, and continually evaluating any new information on a subject.Finally, truth-seeking covers being motivated to seek out and find the best knowledge on any particular subject.Self-confidence is another disposition Facione, et al attributed to critical thinkers.Inquisitiveness also includes a curiosity about one's own field, too, which as Facione et al point out, Is important not just at university but in our professional lives where we need to constantly maintain our knowledge in our field.Another important disposition listed is being systematic in your inquiry.While Facione, et al don't privilege any particular form of inquiry, this disposition means being focused, orderly, and diligent in one's inquiry.This organization often takes discipline specific forms, such as the way in which a doctor diagnoses a patient.This self-confidence must, of course, be balanced, as too much self-confidence might lead to hasty decisions.A lack of self-confidence, however, would mean that no critical thinking occurs at all.


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