Critical Analysis Essay On A Worn Path

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In common words, “A Worn Path” is a story about everlasting love and devotion, which leads to the aim. There are enough imageries in this story: First, let us look on the name of main heroine.After the reading of whole story, it is obviously seen that life of old woman is like a life of mystical bird, which is reborn from ash every three thousand years.

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To sum up, Eudora Welty used the system of imageries in her stories.

In this essay, we will discern all imageries, which are met in the story “A Worn Path”.

The author of the story wanted to show, that all our life is endless journey. In this story all difficulties, which are met to the Phoenix Jackson, are like dark moments of her life.

Contrary to that, her deep love to the grandson is obviously light part in her life. During her way to the town, Phoenix met a snake, which hang on the tree.

The first is on the conscience of the writer: he has to be an observer of life, sharp sighted, grasping, patient and wise. It is also a time, when the “lyrical impulse”, which animates the whole being, will culminate the completeness and clarity of incarnation. Writing style of Eudora Welty is closely linked with American culture of the twentieth century.

You can find more information about this culture in essay about American culture.If you need help in writing of any assignment, you can use of the best writing services online. You can class her prose and get pleasure from it following the condition of carefully cautious, active reading, which approaches to the co-creation.The experience of photographer and writer combined in vision of Eudora. Using the “visual” metaphor, Welty says that a good story is not like a Christmas tree with its classically predictable lines and indispensable ornament on the top.Eudora Welty is lyrist, according to her character’s talents.She prefers the story to the other literary genres.She acknowledges that each of her three novels was born “accidentally” – they were reborn from the story, which was exclusively overgrown in the course of work.Welty likes concentration, hard saving of resources and at the same time principled “ephemerality”, sketchy, which is marked in volatile hint, implication, and flickering of symbols.Every Christmas, old Afro-American woman repeatedly goes for a difficult way in order to help her grandson.The concept of path is associated with whole life in this story.Literary text is always characterized by a variety of form and images.Creation of generalized images in literary texts allows its authors not only to determine the status, activities, the features of behavior of certain literal hero by comparing it with artistic symbol, but also makes it possible to characterize the hero.


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