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2 Extend your investigation, making clear the rules and the methods that you use. 2 The pony needs an area of 100 m 2 of grass each day. 1 The diagram below shows a rectangle which is 2 cm wide and 4 cm long.

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1 How many different horizontal winning lines can be made on the 4 by 4 grid?

2 How many different winning lines can be made in total on the 4 by 4 grid? Winning Lines 2 Jemma and Roberto are playing a game on a 7 by 7 square grid.

What length should the rope be so that the pony just has the area of grass it needs? Opposite Corners The numbers 1 and 16 are one pair of opposites in this 4 by 4 grid. Bella says there are 8 squares but Juan says there are 11. 2 Investigate the number of squares in rectangles of width 2 cm. 4 Extend your investigation, making clear the rules and methods you use. A 10 by 10 grid is numbered from 1 to The grid has a letter T placed on it, as shown on the diagram.

3 Shamina keeps a horse in a field that has a big barn in the middle of it. The horse is tied to the outside of the barn, halfway along one of the long sides. He is building a display of soup tins by stacking them. The numbers 4 and 13 are the other pair of opposites = = 16 and = 36. This T has a horizontal bar of length 3 and a vertical bar of length 2.

They take it in turns to place a cross in an empty square on the grid.

The winner is the first player to complete a line of three crosses.They are not practice exam questions but are instead tasks to help learners develop the mental flexibility that they need for the new elements in the exams.Like the AO3 Guide, the SMP Problem Solving Tasks Pack is free to all centres, irrespective of which specification you are teaching, and available on the OCR website.This is not from the perspective simply of following the method intended, rather to ask open questions such as How many ways can you find to solve?The idea is to change the emphasis of the question to finding as many methods as possible and to appreciate the interconnectedness of concepts.The winner is the first player to complete a line of four crosses.In this game, winning lines are horizontal, vertical or diagonal.Depending on your own experience in using open-ended and richer tasks, we would recommend you read and use the activities in the AO3 Problem Solving Guide first before you use the tasks in this booklet.1.3 OCR & The School Mathematics Project Support for Problem Solving A further set of tasks has been carefully developed and trialled by The School Mathematics Project in partnership with OCR.They start on GO and take it in turns to throw the dice.They move forward the number of squares shown on the dice. Pawel soon notices that neither of them can ever land on square 1, square 2 or square 3.


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