Courses To Work In A Bank

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Each Damelin campus has a different tuition schedule.Programmes are offered during the week, in the evenings, or on Saturdays.

Each Damelin campus has a different tuition schedule.

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You should always be focus to your work because a single wrong transaction will cause a big loss to the company. Being bank teller is very challenging because you are prone to fraud transactions and counterfeit bills if you are not careful with all your transactions. Working in a bank as a teller is very rewarding and exciting for the first time. The environment in the bank is truly amazing, very supportive colleagues and very flexible. Can't take holidays when you want, because there is no one to cover you while your away.

People always say thank you for your small generosity and kindness. There are no cons to being a bank teller it is truly fantastic ! If your sick there is also no cover, so you tend to come to work sick and pass the sickness a...

However, if you work there for more than a year, yo..time goes on unfortunately you realize that most banks only care about numbers.

There is no specific course which can guarantee you job in a public sector bank.

Professionals working in banking institutions, lending firms, accounting, and auditing often participate in these courses.

However banking courses are taken by a myriad of professionals from multiple industries.

Committed to fulfilling clients’ needs and managing the expectations of both learners and employers. [-] Course in Banking - Skills Programme 3 in Banking Certification Upon successful completion of the programme, learners will receive a Damelin Results Letter outlining the unit standards covered and if the Po E is found competent, Damelin will apply to BANKSETA on the learner’s behalf for Skills Programme 3 in Banking: SAQA ID 61589 (Credits 26) to be awarded.

Entry Requirements A combination of competencies obtained in the Further Education and Training band will serve as a learning base to progress into the Level 5 qualification.

Target Audience Two-day Banking Masterclass that talks holistically and laterally across all elements of Banking and Banking Operations.

This is not focused on a specific technology solution or industry but on true Banking sector knowledge, following the crisis in 2008.


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