Convention For Writing Numbers In Essays

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When converting this into text, the same would apply.In most cases, spelling the number with the same commas as used when in numerical form facilitates readability.

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For these numbers, applying consistent logic (numerals for quantities and words otherwise) may make decisions about correct usage more difficult as they are also used in ways that are more like figures of speech than precise quantifications (“in one of the subjects…,” “zero-point energies”).

Express the whole numbers zero and one as numerals only when: When a number is used idiomatically or within a figure of speech, spell out the word; however, like jargon, figures of speech may be inappropriate for scientifically oriented writing because they may not be readily understood by readers whose first language is not English.

When two numbers are adjacent, spell out the number most easily expressed in words and leave the other as a numeral, or reword the sentence to separate the numbers.

In general, retain the numeral that occurs with a unit of measurement.

Unfortunately, the Oxford style guide (my primary source of information on style preferences in British English) doesn't address this question, perhaps because its authors imagine that writers and editors can work around the problem by recasting sentences so that the number doesn't appear at the beginning, and therefore can be handled in numerals rather than being spelled out. Use of the word 'and' in written numbers should only be included when separating the whole and fractional part of the number. Naming fractions we name the numerator as a cardinal number and the denominator as an ordinal number so we would get three hundred and seventy five thousandths using this convention with 'and' included in whole numbers.

Convention For Writing Numbers In Essays

But since the OP has tagged the question here as "american-english," I assume that U. This results in the ambiguous case(albeit rare) where the and could be just for 'style' or it would mean separating the fractional part from the whole number part - that is 300.075 versus 0.375.

If logic calls for a number to begin a sentence, title, or heading, then spell out the number.

If possible, reword so that the number appears elsewhere or connect the sentence to the previous or next sentence.

It’s a style choice whether you use commas in four-digit numbers.

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