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Are there federal or local laws that impact your business directly or indirectly of which you need to stay abreast?Do you have a solid communication plan or partners you can lean on should you face some sort of media crisis? The point is to stop and think about the aspects of your business that MUST be running for your business to function and what your plan B will be should something unexpected occur.The next important step is to get your team ready to implement the backup plan.

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Technology: If you rely on technology to run your business, what plans do you have in place to protect your data?

Do you have a team you can turn to should your equipment stop working or your website go down?

Your current team could probably use a refresher, new people will need training, and it pays to think about the risks and how you prioritize those risks from year to year.

Hopefully, you will never have the need for a small business contingency plan.

Businesses and their processes, staff, and even products can be quite fluid.

That’s why it is important to review and update your contingency plan each year.The biggest lesson was that we don’t truly have a solid contingency plan.Since we are a husband and wife team, if something happens to either one of us or our children that will require our attention, who will take over operations so that our business can continue to function?Walk through them the plan to be sure everyone is on the same page.Solicit their feedback as you do this because they may be more familiar with a given process or potential resources that could be tapped into.By Christy Schutz Last Thursday I had my appendix removed.I had just finished eating an organic, vegetarian burrito when I started getting these sharp pains in the lower right side of my abdomen.Cross-train your team if needed and conduct regular practice drills.If everyone is familiar with the plan, they will be ready to jump in and keep things moving should something occur.Initially, I thought it was gas pains from my lunch, but, hours later it was still there.I looked up my symptoms on the internet, and the results recounted story after story of people who experienced the same and it was their appendix.


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