Compare And Contrast Essay On Men And Women Communication

Compare And Contrast Essay On Men And Women Communication-33
Recent scientific research has shown that males and females approach issues differently.Therefore, if they thus think differently then they are bound to behave and act differently too.Males and females also differ in the way they communicate. They tend to disclose about themselves and more intimately than males do.

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Numerous gender differences exist among male and female.

Some of these differences are actually very controversial but are generally agreed on.

Hence women are more expressive in terms of their emotions and feelings.

This is besides anger because men are said to be worse tempered than women.

Other organs occur the same for both genders for example liver, lungs, heart, stomach, brain etc.

The differences come in when it comes to the physiology of some of these organs for example the brain.

This is because they also want to prove themselves right.

Men are also said to be more talkative when in public than in private.

On the hand girls develop close knit friendships of about two or three or more but not as many as boys do.

Hence, for females their relationships are much closer than for males because they talk more about themselves including their weaknesses.


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