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There are many good ways to gather ideas for essays.For compare and contrast essays, a Overlapping circles used to diagram the similarities and differences between two or more things.A point-by-point comparison is useful for subjects that have many points of comparison because the reader can consider both subjects side-by-side.

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Common characteristics are written in the area of overlap, while unique characteristics are listed in the outer parts of each circle. The overlapping part of the circles shows similarities; the outer circles show differences or unique qualities. Comparison of the benefits of dogs and cats as pets You could also make a chart that lists different qualities of each, or simply group information by how they are alike or different.

Remember, it is critical that there are points of overlap, or similarities, as well as differences between your topics.

In this method, a single subject is discussed in detail, followed by a similar examination of the other subject.

A subject-by-subject comparison is best used for less complex arguments that have fewer points, so that the reader can remember the points made about the first subject while learning about the second. In the point-by-point method, the writer outlines the major points of comparison between the two subjects, and then addresses both subjects for each major point.

In the subject-by-subject method, the writer first discusses important aspects of one of the subjects, then those same aspects for the other subject.

These points must be The format to follow is really up to you.

Your points of comparison should generally be organized from most to least important (though all of them should be important!

) so that you can hook your reader with your most compelling ideas first.

It reminds the reader of your thesis and reinforces the main points you have made. There are four elements of an effective Review your entire essay with these questions in mind.

Remember, you may need to add information, remove information, or reorganize your writing.


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