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In 1846 swimming championships started in Australia....[tags: recreation, competitive, strokes] - Passing obviously requires time to have taken its place. Some things that are good is that kids mature and experience life; we look back a month ago and not much has changed, if we looked back a year or two ago a lot of things have changed.Once I turned seven years old, I started swimming with the older kids, which were technically categorized as the faster kids.

I remember my husband and I got in the water and his parent were in the water as well, I was just standing everyone were swimming I was asked to join and swim under the water I looked at them as if they were crazy....

[tags: Mind, Thought, Swimming, Swimming] - Swimming is a physical activity that has that has a long part in human history, that has evolved a lot since the past, and is very beneficial to the health of your not only your body but also your mind.

The safety of the athletes should therefore be the primary concern of both facility managers and coaches.

By working together, one would hope, that all unnecessary injuries could be prevented.

Competitive swimming got its start as early as 36 B.

C., but North American swimming has its roots in the British National Swimming Association.

Since the nineteenth century, swimmers have turned to a supervised area for a safer environment.

When learning to swim in North America, younger kids are usually taught “freestyle” or the crawl, while breaststroke is taught in Europe and Asia (MLA 7th Edition).

The research and performances of today's swimmers are continuously disproving the beliefs of the past....

[tags: physics swim swimming] - Common Strokes for Swimming There are four common strokes associated with swimming: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and crawl stroke.


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