Citations And Honor And Essay

Establish Your Credibility The more you know about your topic, the more credible your arguments become.

A late paper, even with a lower grade, is still better than dealing with the consequences of plagiarism.

Your instructor doesn’t expect you to sound like a published scholar, and neither should you.

Some examples of common citation styles are MLA, APA, and Chicago. Always include basic citations in your notes, including page numbers.

Put quotation marks around any text quoted verbatim.

In turn, your work contributes to this ongoing intellectual conversation and supports new research. Data: reference to someone else’s research, findings, or data.

When you cite your sources, you show how your work fits into your field of study. You must both use quotation marks around direct quotes and cite them. Charts/Graphs: inclusion of someone else’s charts or graphs.In turn, readers will see that your theories and ideas are well-supported.Help Your Readers Citations are like a roadmap to your sources.Facts (sometimes): Knowing which facts require citation requires practice.Generally, when information is not well known, is specialized knowledge, is in dispute, or might be colored by subjective interpretation, a citaiton is warranted.It also shows our experience with scholarly standards.By citing your sources, your ideas will be taken more seriously by other scholars (including your professor! Give Credit Giving credit to the original source rewards other scholars for the hard work and creativity they contribute to advancements in their fields. In some fields, citations even lead to career advancement.Published scholarly work is usually produced by academics with years of writing experience and research expertise in their field.Their articles and books have been through multiple drafts, revised, and edited by professionals. If you need to use someone else’s words, just quote and cite them. Need help figuring out if your paraphrase is too close to the original quote?Many of these tools allow you to take notes, link to resources and files, and automatically generate bibliographies.You may feel more pressure to rely too heavily on other sources if you wait until the last minute to write your paper.


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