Church Business Plan Template

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A captivating master plan will include basic elements like church name, your family picture and bio, information about your city, state and location, and a launch date.

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If you can’t write a plan that is both concise and inspiring, then you haven’t adequately thought it through.

Spend the extra hours drafting your plans on paper or on your computer and it will provide a solid foundation upon which to present God’s vision for this new church.

In addition, your master plan will: Demonstrate a clear calling.

A church master plan is largely based on God’s individual calling on you and the area you are called to.

Research the demographics of the community God has called you to reach.

Make it your goal to learn everything you can about the people in your community and include it in the master plan.Make good use of the survey and professional census information available online. This is a milestone action plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be at launch and beyond. Work backward and forward from the launch date, detailing the actions that will result in what you envision.The best starting point for creating a timeline is to envision your launch day. Then simply put dates to each action, developing a schedule or timeline that supports your launch date.I consider it a blessing that I get to work with church planters everyday.Many have done exhaustive research and months of preparation in the area of planning.But some, unfortunately, place little or no emphasis on planning.The fact is, you will greatly increase the probability of success by creating a well thought-out church planting plan, proposal, or master plan.Learn what the people are like, their needs, their likes and dislikes, their cultural, political and social makeup, their values, etc.In addition to helping you develop your launch strategy, you’ll use what you learn in the years to come as you plan your teaching, promotion and overall ministry strategy. Include a detailed timeline for the first 18 months.We want to plant a church that loves God and makes a difference in this community sharing the hope found in Christ, ultimately resulting in a church planting movement that will impact the city.” In other words, the master plan must clearly communicate the passion, vision and strategy that will move the potential partner to action. We only do what we truly believe, and core values help you determine as a church planter what your church should be doing as a result of your beliefs.You can’t fake core values because they are what you truly value deep down.


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