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What I love about pattern 101: It’s completely made up of 2×2 squares! You can cut up to 25 photos or paper with a 2.125 square punch! This layout could be made entirely of photos or mix and match with patterned paper and embellishments.

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I love this set, everyone will be getting checker board cakes from now on. I really like this product, it gives a nice suprise when you cut into the cake.

I under estimated the amount of mixture required to fill the cake tins for this, but quickly corrected, and filled the pans using the divider inset. It is a bit of a balancing act when lifting the circles of cake up from the main cake, but other than that, it's great :)Doesn't do what it's supposed to.

I wanted to come up with a personalized gift for my Dad for Father's Day this year.

Promptly upon my moving out they remodeled the basement into a Bar for get togethers and parties.

Similar Patterns: pattern 104, 133, and 140 Pattern #128 has the most design spots on the gallery. Would you believe me if I said this is one of the easiest layouts you could make? Sometimes we take a ton of photographs while we are on vacation and it’s really hard to choose only a few to put in our scrapbooks.

With this layout, you can place so many photos on one page and it looks like a colorful collage.I got black Circle Tiles to blend with the Black grid paper.This makes the patterned paper appear as if it was actually cut into circles.Pick your favourite colours and bake them into your pans with this hassle-free method.Inspire and amaze your friends and family with a fab baking surprise!10 Checkerboard Papers (5 Guys – 5 Gals) 10 Flames & Fire Papers (5 Guys – 5 Gals) Shift your colors using hue & saturation for tons of variation. Surprise your loved ones with the fab All Occasion Checkerboard Cake Pan Set!This cake pan set helps you to create a variety of large, creative cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, events and more!This pack contains a set of clear instructions on how to use the three pans included.If you are making a two page spread, this layout would be fantastic as the the 2nd page (the right side). I like to add some photos with my camera and mix it with ones I put together with the Instagram style.Layering Tip: You may notice that there are two 5×5 squares on this layout. I also love the border since you can mix up your photos with cute Cornerstones or patterned paper. There is space for large and medium sized photos, plus there are smaller spaces for embellishments and mini photographs.


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