Cathedral Short Story Thesis Statement

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In analyzing first-person point of view, the reader should identify the narrator and determine his reliability.

Is the information given in the story seemingly slanted or biased?

The point of view controls how and what the reader sees in the story.

It also determines the reader's "angle of vision" or perception of events or characters.

This point of view can also establish a contrast between what the narrator perceives and what the reader perceives.

An unreliable narrator may be used for irony or to create a distance between the reader and narrator to challenge the reader's values or beliefs.Point of view often helps to reveal story meaning or purpose. This preliminary choice of the narrative voice assures consistency of point of view, a quality most stories contain.The point of view an author uses for a story is determined before the writing begins. The narrative voice is usually endowed with a certain sensibility, be it juvenile, adult, or all-knowing.This voice may have a certain sensibility or world view that can in some way color the reader's perception of the story, as suggested above. You will choose a story from the list below in Assignment 6 Requirements to write your Assignment 6 analysis.Think about the narrator in one of your favorite novels. Does the storyteller influence your feelings toward the characters or events in the story? *Remember, you must write only one analysis from Assignments 5, 6, and 7. VERY IMPORTANT: This assignment requires a research component. If you have forgotten your MLA documentation from your Composition I course, you can find a refresher guide at this link: Research Paper Guide. First-person Point of View Third-person Limited Point of View Third-person Omniscient Point of View Third-person Objective or Dramatic Point of View Analyzing Point of View Detailed Example of Point of View Analysis Writing the Assignment 6 Point of View Analysis Sample Point of View Analysis - Assignment 6 MLA Works Cited Entries ASSIGNMENT 6 REQUIREMENTS Guidelines for Submitting Your Assignment Files What Is Point of View?Also, the author cannot openly judge the first-person narrator.The author does not interpret; only the narrator does.The narrative voice also possesses a certain perception of the world and some level of morality, be it good or bad.Strictly speaking, the author is not the narrator or narrative voice.Point of view is the position from which the author presents the story.The point of view is, in essence, a channel of information that is conveyed to the reader, via the narrative voice (or narrator), and that originates at a particular location, either inside or outside the story.


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