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The interpretation generally accepted is that through experiencing fear vicariously in a controlled situation, the spectator’s own anxieties are directed outward, and, through sympathetic identification with the tragic protagonist, his insight and outlook are enlarged.

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The European Union has chosen the choral "Ode to Joy" from the fourth movement as her anthem. If the drumming and the groove are convincing, the human pulse will adapt.

Step by step the music will accelerate the rhythms speed up past the regular heartbeat.

Still there it is, keeping those shut doors to irrational groupthink a tiny crack open.

With the former being a mostly private affair in modern society and the latter a remnant of the 20th century one should not have to worry about the lure of catharsis anymore.

Ever wonder why U2 concerts are always experiences as such an ecstatic event?

They openly borrow from the traditions of Catholicism.We can feel something intense, then walk out of the theater feeling better afterwards.Catharsis is roughly synonymous with the idea of “blowing off steam.” The idea of catharsis is one possible explanation for the popularity of sports, especially in places where the local team tends to lose.There is no paradise, no salvation, no ultimate victory.Progress is a tedious process of trial and error, no matter if it is biological, scientific or social.The simulation of catharsis is the very way we enjoy art, music, stories, even sports.Every joke's punch line, every hook of a song promises this tiny moment of release. To ask one to refrain from giving into this urge would lead to joyless forms of Puritanism.If aware of the patterns and dynamic of catharsis though, it is possible to see the thresholds of escapism.Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article.Catharsis, meaning “cleansing” in Greek, refers to a literary theory first developed by the philosopher Aristotle, who believed that cleansing our emotions was the purpose of a good story, especially a tragedy.Catharsis applies to any form of art or media that makes us feel strong negative emotions, but that we are nonetheless drawn to – we may seek out art that creates these emotions because the experience purges the emotions from our system.


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