Busy Lifestyle Essay

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You can breathe the soft fresh air and taste the clean water in the countryside.

The countryside is a batter place to live because of less population and pollution.

The last but not lest difference between living in the city or the countryside is people’s happiness feeling and their life satisfaction.

Firstly, compare to the problem of stress, people living in the countryside is relatively less than people living in the city. ”—-by Ping Qin March 21, 2005 (from Internet International Journal of Epidemiology).

Also, countryside is a place where you don’t have to lock your car or even your front door.

The security has eliminated people’s estrangement and misunderstanding.

If you have an opportunity to choose a place to live, what will be the perfect place in your dream; the bustling city or the silent countryside? There are a lot of differences between the city and the countryside, and when people consider living in either place the differences become more significant.

Nowadays, more and more people move their home to the countryside. People often think that living in the countryside is boring, inconvenient, and lonely, while living in the city seems more exciting and fashionable. People can still find a lot of fun activities in a country lifestyle such as camping, hunting, building a tree house, fishing, framing, planting flowers and trees and so on.

Living in the countryside, people can spend more time with their family, parents have can rise their children by themselves and educate them become a good person.

“Being physically healthy often leads to good mental health.


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