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This may sound like an easy step, but think hard about what exactly you will be selling and whether you have the skills and qualifications to run a business.This is also a good time to start thinking about the feasibility of making your business idea profitable. If you are going to have a brick-and-mortar presence, research possible locations for your business.Also, Enterprises that have not registered their Limited Liability Company, Corporation, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership, or Fictitious Name with the Department of State.

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Check out Small Business BC’s Registration Services and Advisory Services and find out how one of our Business Advisors can help you today.

Alternatively take a look at our seminars and workshops available in-person at our downtown Vancouver resource centre or via video conference across BC.

But having the thought or idea would not suffice one to bring forth your business.

The questions could range from where you want to set up, what is expected 5 or 10 years down the line, what profits or revenues would it generate, what type and how many employees would be required, etc. To get a direction for your idea, writing a business plan is the best option.

Register or reserve your federal trademark/servicemark. Order any required notices of your intent to do business in the community by advertising the fictitious name. The new Business USA and USPTO Understanding Intellectual Property tool guides participants through the steps of understanding and protecting their invention/intellectual property.

USPTO’s IP Awareness Assessment tool determines how much you know about various IP issues and recommends other materials and resources.Once you have a pen and start writing down, your mind would push out ideas of how to execute the business. The more it is written the better it is for you to speak about it as some ideas would get vanished with time.When you write it down, you actually prepare yourself for well written texts and contents so that it would help you to seek fund for your business. So make sure that you format it well by reviewing it as many times you can by giving special attention to your strategy and how your unique ways would bring success. Don’t know how to make your dream of setting up a business a reality?No matter whether it is a startup or to expand the existing one, it always starts with making a written business plan checklist on how to start a new business.For more information about starting a business, contact your local SBDC.Formally select a business idea, product or service that you will sell.It is better for you to seek the advice of experienced and trusted advisers.For this you could submit or share the draft version of your plan to verify its correctness.It is like a roadmap to help you run your business in an organized form.So, if you have decided that you have an idea that would make you successful, then take out your pen and initiate the task.


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