Business Plan For Video Production Company

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Refocus sales & marketing efforts on attracting higher-end clients or doing more work for your best existing clients.

You might lose some clients, but usually when a business raises prices, the clients they lose are the most troublesome ones.

You can change the text, your logo and the background image if you like - this gets you started. You just need to add a few client specifics when you use it.

Like with this entire proposal, it’s all editable - the colours, the text, images, layout - everything.

To avoid adding unnecessary overhead as the company grows, dedicate some time to building strong, repeatable systems and to automating processes where possible.

The most important place to do this is in your sales systems, so that your revenues become predictable and you can scale them at-will by adjusting your sales & marketing expenditure.If you charge more, then you can hire more and deliver on a great customer experience. Define what you want, what the process for hiring someone looks like, and don't deviate.Company culture comes from hiring the best talent and not filling a position with someone just cause it's easy. Involving the team in this process helps keep everyone accountable to the new hires, and ensure they support and cross train as needed. What you value, and how you make decisions will influence what others on your will do.Have each candidate interviewed independently by multiple people, all of whom are evaluating that person on cultural fit.If you're small enough, have the entire company interview them.Growing pains are normal, so don't fear burning people out, as long as they know you have a plan and it's short term, most people will usually step up to the plate and help get over the hump. Follow up with your detractors right away and see how their experience could have been improved.What could you have done better next time to elevate them to an 8 or higher. Follow up with them and _ask_ them to spread the word about your company.You already have a relationship with them, and if you're doing things right, it's a *trusted* relationship.Figure out what they need, find a partner who can deliver that for them, and then make an arrangement where you sell those products or services to your client and have them fulfilled by your joint-venture partner. You can even work this both ways, so that they send their high-end clients to you when they need a video produced.Or does a new-hire get mixed messages because current standard practices or employee behavior is inconsistent with your stated values?4) Hire people based on whether they are a cultural fit.


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