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The Internet economy already generates a total of 1 billion in U. revenue, about the same as cars or telecommunications.

Users of these tools can create an online e-commerce storefront, generate sales leads, process credit cards in real-time, communicate with customers, collect statistical information and monitor web site visitors.

Businesses can create, manage and maintain every aspect of their web site at all times of the day or night.

The increase in the number of users has resulted in a rapid increase in the number of advertisers, products, and services available on the Internet.

According to the September issue of Business 2.0, business-to-business commerce on the Internet already exceeds the business-to-consumer market, growing from $43 billion in 1998 to an expected $1 trillion by 2003, versus $7.8 billion to $108 billion on the business-toconsumer side.

Changes are updated automatically and placed online in minutes.

Web Wizard allows manipulation of web site layout, colors, content, resizing, cutting and pasting text, graphics, and tables.SIW products allow businesses to generate leads, sell products, run sales promotions, capture demographic information about web site visitors, communicate with visitors and obtain information about what potential customers are doing while browsing the web site.SIW products allow clients to stay in complete control of their web sites and provide tools that facilitate a successful Internet experience for their customers.Swiss Issue Web Tools (SIW) is a software engineering and management company that develops and sells business software technology for the Internet.It provides software tools for e-commerce, including shopping carts, point of sale, lead generation, lead distribution, security methods (including encryption), and search engine technologies.There are 1.2 million small businesses online (only a fraction of the 7 million small businesses with fewer than 100 employees); a figure that is expected to nearly double next year.This year 400,000 businesses are expected to conduct business online up from 150,000 last year. SIW's competitors are not effectively targeting this market niche: a complete, Internet-based, end-to-end business solution for small to medium-sized businesses.Changes can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere.It includes an easy-to-use, powerful visual "WYSIWYG" (What You See Is What You Get) interface, with familiar "drag-and-drop" functions that allow clients to make changes instantaneously.The Internet's use has grown substantially since it was commercially introduced in the early 1990s.Estimates indicate that the number of Internet users in the United States will grow from approximately 35 million in 1996 to about 160 million by the year 2000.


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