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Personal goals may also focus on business activities such as producing safe and nutritious products for consumers, providing employment for the entire family, providing an opportunity for the next generation to farm, etc.Once your personal goals have been identified, they should be shared with others in the farm business so that inconsistencies among individuals can be identified.

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A good business plan is a must for a new farmer: it provides a clear strategy and objectives, and helps everyone involved in the operation to stay productive and focused.

In compiling a business plan, you may make mistakes. These can be corrected easily on paper before the plan is implemented, saving you money.

When purchasing tickets in Event Brite, you will purchase two tickets, one for the full registration amount and one for the discounted amount, labeled “Farm Business Planning Class-Business Partner Ticket”.

In addition to the 50% discount, one business partner may still apply for a scholarship.

Suppliers play a key role in every farming operation.

If you are unable to receive inputs efficiently, your production will suffer and you might not even be able to deliver your products to the market.A personal goal is something that you, as an individual, want to achieve.We often think of making money as our primary personal goal. Personal goals may include finishing a college degree, spending more time with family, creating a college fund for children, buying a vacation home, getting involved in an organization, doing charitable work, etc.If you are interested in growing on our incubator farm, you must have a business plan. You will then be asked to register for the class using Event Brite with a discount code that we will provide for you.If you are new to farming, it is recommended that you first take our Explore Farming workshop before registering for this class so that you can best assess what resources you currently have and what resources you will need to start farming before creating a written business plan. Two business partner option: If you would like to bring a business partner to the class, the second person will only have to pay 50% of the registration fee.READ Having a business plan also shows banks and other investors that you take your farming operation seriously.A good business plan involves research on the external and internal business environment, including competitors, suppliers and consumers.Beware of these mistakes when drafting a business plan: All business plan writers assume that the business will succeed, so they often make unrealistic assumptions. Many prospective farmers fail to include information on competitors, either through lack of knowledge of them or because they are not aware of the significance of this competition.Study existing or similar businesses for acceptable standards. Show your awareness of the competition and discuss how you intend to do better.Building and strengthening relationships with suppliers will contribute to the long-term sustainability of your farming operation, so mention your suppliers in the business plan.The Farm Business Planning course will be offered once in the fall and once in the winter. You will then need to pay through Event Brite here.


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