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The mix should be monitored and reviewed by management.A pay-for-performance system will fail quickly if there isn't enough money to pay the rewards that employees are due.

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If your employee’s role is clearly not a good fit with their skill set, it may be worth offering them an opportunity to decline the PIP. You may get a lot of pressure from your team to move through the PIP quickly.The plan also should allow senior management to review compensation decisions made by front-line managers.A pay-for-performance plan is ineffective if employees don't understand how they can earn rewards.“Managers have to be committed to giving real and regular feedback daily.” “PIPs can’t be your only performance management tool,” says Katie.“You can’t expect a struggling employee to swim on their own after being thrown into a pool. When designing a pay-for-performance plan, calculate revenues and expenses under various scenarios to be sure your cash flow will allow you to cover the performance payments.Calculating personnel costs over a longer term, such as three years, also is important.This phase usually lasts from two months to a quarter.Around this time, start taking formal notes on your employee’s performance and any conversations you’ve had about it.Yet, somewhere in this anxiety-inducing process, performance improvement plans, or PIPs, continue to be one of the most powerful tools for managing employee performance. A PIP is the final step in a long process of determining whether an employee is the right fit for your company.It’s the last chance an employee has to prove that they can do their job.


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