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Where travel is highly restricted and populations are small, deadly diseases tend to burn themselves out fairly quickly.

Where travel is highly restricted and populations are small, deadly diseases tend to burn themselves out fairly quickly.

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Wikimedia Commons In medieval times, where the Mongol army went, so went the plague; where the sailing ships carried trade and traders, the pestilence arrived in new regions.

According to a contemporary account by Gabriel de’ Mussi, a turning point came when the Mongols besieged the trading city of Kaffa in Crimea between 13.

Others blamed Jews, foreigners, travelers, and lepers, who were shunned and turned away where once they had been welcomed or at least accepted.

Some towns barricaded themselves in, afraid to let anyone in who was not already there and equally afraid to let anyone out.

When the plague hit in the mid-1300s, no one knew what caused this dreadful pestilence.

Some took it as divine punishment for the world’s wicked ways, possibly the end of the world.There were simply not enough serfs and peasants left in England to do the work. The medieval economic system broke down because of the rapid drop in population.Plague struck in three forms, which made its identification problematic until recent times.The social and economic havoc created by the plague was almost beyond imagining, yet it is now being paralleled in many ways by the impact of the Ebola virus epidemic.Whole villages die within a few weeks, and fear spreads even faster than the infectious agent.Because the army remained in one place for so long, the Black Death had time to spread from man to man or from rat-carried fleas to humans.In the end, the army deliberately hurled the rotting corpses of the dead over the city walls, infecting those inside, poisoning wells, and causing a sickening stench.The pandemic moved fast: It often killed a host within days of their first developing the high fever, the telltale rash, and the repellent buboes or swellings in the armpits and groin, which turned black and burst, expelling pus and bacteria.The disease spread through families, houses, villages, towns, and cities with terrifying speed and staggering mortality. We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your visiting.The Black Death was so extreme that it’s surprising even to scientists who are familiar with the general details.


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