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By using a tissue as an example to show how precarious this layer is.

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Also, concluding verse one is a phrase in which Mac Caig shows that the cop has a different side to him when he is at home around the people he loves and cares for and when he is on his line of duty.

Evidently, this gives us an insight into the cop’s home life.

In conclusion, “Brooklyn Cop” by Norman Mac Caig has displayed a varied amount of emotion and this escalates to the point where he is turning dangerous and his responsibilities are being jeopardised.

At the beginning of the poem the cop is made laughable through the comparison to a wild animal, but as the poem ends the reader begins to feel sympathy for him as his safety and the risk of losing his family is a daily fear.

“Built like a gorilla but less timid” I found this interesting because the joke provides a light-hearted opening.

It’s not a very flattering image as it compares the man to a gorilla which I find odd because gorillas are naturally wild animals that you wouldn’t expect a police officer upholding law and order to be compared to.

We genuinely would think of this phrase as a typical clich� but the cop actually feels this sense of happiness when he returns home from work seeing as he works in a formidable, possible fatal profession.

Moving on, Mac Caig uses a rhetorical question to reveal to the reader yet another different side to this “gorilla” character. ” The poet extends the gorilla metaphor to the point where the cop becomes an animal but this time he is dangerous and has a weapon.

“Whose home is a place he might, this time, never get back to?

” Apart from the fact that he is perceived as an animal on the job, he goes into more depth and reveals the cop’s final emotion before the poem is brought to a close.


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