Body Ritual Among The Nacirema Essay

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Most of their point of positions are ethnocentric and can skew the true ground why these things have become common in the states that pattern this signifier of matrimony.Miner’s surveies found that fleshy people held a ritual where they would fast and that there were ritual banquets held for thin people ( Miner p. Even funnier than that is how he sees breast augmentation or decrease which is besides seen as ritual by these people ; which has about become a rite of transition for adult females displeased with their organic structures.He says that adult females with that have developed big chests will allow work forces see them for a fee and this would be his account of adult females that work at gentlemen cabarets ( Miner p. Although his accounts are really amusing they are surely true of the behaviour exhibited by Americans every twenty-four hours and possibly the outlooks that they have set for one another excessive and bizarre.Miner’s account of a modus operandi they go through every twenty-four hours is pinpoint accurate.He explains that the public toilet is a shrine with a charming box that hides potions and medical specialties, and that the sink is a fountain of holy H2O ( Miner p. He refers to tooth doctors as “holy oral cavity men” because of the Nacirema’s compulsion with dental hygiene explicating precisely what these work forces do and demoing the great painful lengths that the Nacirema go through to affect one another.Although really witty it is besides really stating of what Americans value the most and that is pecuniary points and unachievable physical expressions ; sometimes even traveling to extreme steps to accomplish these things.Opening his paper Miner explains that the people of the Nacirema are non pleased with their physical visual aspects and that they do many befog things to change their expressions.There are multiple false grounds why this pattern is common in Tibet.One of those false grounds is that there is a deficiency of females due to infanticide, and a deficiency of nutrient because of the high lift with hapless evidences for agribusiness ; so it seems as if polyandry is the reply to their sufferings ( Goldstein p. Both of these grounds were proven to hold been false by Goldstein ; he states there is no cogent evidence that there is a deficit of females and that the land may be rough for agribusiness it is non the ground for polyandry being popular in Tibet ( Goldstein p. If anything Goldstein points out that there are more than adequate adult females for every male to get married and in 1974 there were 60 females to 53 males in the 15 to 35 age scope ( Goldstein p. This proves that there are more than adequate adult females to fulfill the male population in monogamous relationships.Although Miner’s reading could be seen as amusing and capricious he manages to turn out a great point about Americans without being rough.Americans will travel to extreme steps to look great and non merely for themselves but to affect other Americans.


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