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Even though his marriage is perceived as controversial in Europe, Macron managed to turn the negativity into his strength.

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What else could we mention as contribution factors to Macron’s success?

Apart from education, political breakthrough, energetic wit and enthusiasm, there is a clear picture of his private life.

There is a great hope that his appointment will have an enormous positive effect on the macro-political climate of the EU.

essay about the career of Emmanuel Macron is of a great help to you.

He is not famous for long-standing political career and his reputation has been impeccable by now. ”-standpoint and put some light on his accomplishments and career path to understand what made Emmanuel Macron win this election.

Biographical Essays Online

Emmanuel Macron got brilliant education in Henri-VI, University of Paris-Ouest Nanterre La Défense and Sciences Po.

So, what were the major accomplishments of that period?

Most analysts tend to name the business-friendly reform as the main achievement of Macron.

Among other, Macron pledged to increase governmental spending on defense and security measures which more than important in light of recent terroristic attacks. He does not stay apart the problems where the USA, Russia, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are involved.

In addition, Macron plans to increase the wages of teachers. The unexpected political breakthrough of Emmanuel Macron is the result of excellent education, hard work, inquisitive mind, wise decisions and excellent skills to keep promise.


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