Biodiesel Business Plan

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So when I restarted properly in 2009, it was easy for me to reach out to those contacts.” Then one of his colleagues, who was operating a public bus service, decided to test the biodiesel.

“I was asked to deliver some to one of his drivers, who tried it and liked it.

He also wants to start cultivating castor beans to produce castor oil for biodiesel production.

Cheap knock-offs of biodiesel in the sub-Saharan market have meant that Ngoma has had to spend time educating clients and developing trust in his product.

“He had just come back from studying in Australia, and we tested it in his car.

It worked, and we were so excited.” The biofuel could be used in any diesel engine, and was cheaper than regular diesel sold in the market.But despite challenges, he wants other entrepreneurs in Africa to know that there are considerable profits to be found in biofuel production.“However, anyone who wants to do something like this needs to do a lot of research,” he highlighted.And last year Ngoma was named a Mandela Washington Fellow.But why did a young aeronautical engineer decide to return to Zambia to try his hand at entrepreneurship and biodiesel production?Tapera Industries still produces biodiesel for a handful of clients – around 7,000 litres, depending on raw material supply.However, it has also started supplying a raw material – produced from jatropha seeds which can be used instead of used cooking oil – to other companies in the region looking to produce their own bio-diesel. Content Header .feed_item_answer_user.js-wf-loaded . LOAN AMOUNT US.5 million PROJECT OVERVIEW The company is a new start-up company that produces Biodiesel and Petroleum Fuels from recycled material through innovation and through the pursuit of new knowledge and re-evaluation of existing knowledge.However, to scale the business, Ngoma needed capital.With little savings, he found employment as an aircraft technician at Zambian Airways, where he used his earnings to produce enough biodiesel to supply colleagues and friends.


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