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Our Writers Lounge is available 24/7 for conversation, ideas sharing, or break-out groups to exchange work, talk shop, or just hang out.

Our Writers Lounge is available 24/7 for conversation, ideas sharing, or break-out groups to exchange work, talk shop, or just hang out.

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I have seen over the years how critical it is for all writers- myself included- to have a steady stream of education, community, and support.

An MFA offers all of this in a packaged solution; however, recognizing that getting an MFA is not a realistic option for everyone, I created something that would It’s a well circulated idea that a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) is the gold standard of literary education.

Low-residency programs require at least two years of study.

Students study literature and craft by writing original fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, translations, screenplays, or plays; by analyzing contemporary and canonical works of literature; and by writing critical papers.

MFA programs have proliferated not only because universities yearn to launch more excellent books into the world and foster a brilliant, glimmering literary canon (surely, they must). (Here is a good list of mid-priced programs, some of which offer tuition assistance).

But also, these programs make serious bank for their universities. Low-residency programs are also somewhat cheaper than full-residency programs ranging from ,926.00 for a two-year program at Antioch University in Los Angeles, or ,000 for two years at Bennington College in Vermont (or what the heck, spend a bit more and do a two-year low-residency through NYU in Paris for ,000), and Canada’s UBC’s “Optional-Residency MFA” is approximately ,305 CAD.

Many students enter these programs intending to continue in their already established careers; these students find that their professional work is often improved by the skills they acquire in their artistic avocations.

Low-residency programs have a strong record of preparing graduates for careers in teaching, editing, publishing, public affairs, advertising, and administration.

These provide the full breadth of courses, workshop, mentorship and community, but rather than being a full-time student in residence, you can do most of the work online.

The “low” part typically takes place during summer, spring break, and December holidays when you’re required to fly to the school’s campus and fulfill the residency requirement, and the more unique “optional” recommends students physically join their peers during the residency periods, but it’s not required. Getting an MFA- whether it’s a high, low, intermediate, or otherwise residency- is a full-time job that takes place both during the application period (researching programs and funding options, studying for and passing the GRE, submitting applications and ancillary materials, applying for loans, then figuring out how to either break from your current life or carve out the necessary time so you can immerse in a new one) and then during the program itself, which as everyone will say, is intense, to say the least.


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