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The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry suggests that parents be actively involved to ensure that children get the most out of sports participation.It is no surprise that children who participate in athletics excel in academics as well.

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Also, individual sports create an environment in which the athlete has to motivate themselves in order to reach their goals.

Learning self motivation is clearly important in the real world, in which the athletes can motivate themselves well in order to reach goals without being dependent on others. S Open a match with Andy Murray and Kevin Anderson lasted over 4 hours, and both men were clearly tired. He had to rely completely on himself for over 4 hours, in order to keep going and play his hardest to win.

Davis will be a registry eligible dietitian in May 2015.

View Full Profile Sports participation can help children develop social skills that will benefit them throughout their entire lives.

According to NY Metro Parents, “In a sport like tennis, a player is responsible for every move he makes.

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His success is his own, but so is his disappointment — a combination that can quickly build confidence and self-esteem along with coping skills and resilience.” Individual sports have a very positive effect on psychological aspects of the athlete, especially if the athlete is a child.

In a team setting it shows the importance of relying on others, and working together to reach a common goal.

Family Fitness states, “ the responsibility for success is equally shared out between all members of the team.” Due to this, there is less pressure on each athlete, which decreases stress and establishes strong bonds between team members.

Amanda Davis began writing in 2010 with work published on various websites.

Davis is a dietetic technician, registered, personal trainer and fitness instructor.


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