Baby Beauty Pageants Essays

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One of the most controversial issues surrounding beauty pageants is engaging children, especially young girls to take part in such activities.

America, alone has, around, 3 million children, maximum young girls aged between 6 months to 16 years taking part in beauty pageants.

Invariably, the mother is responsible for grooming the child.

There have been several incidents of children who have faced irritations and expressed their discomfort in the application of a series of makeup items so as to looking beautiful (Phang).

Proponents say they build confidence and are a family-friendly activity. A child beauty pageant is an event created to reward children for their appearance and personality.

Every competition has the beauty competition: from that, child pageants can take a variety of shapes.An aggressive debate ensues with some supporting children to be a part of beauty pageants and many others negating this kind of exposure to children.Those who are not in favour of young girls to be a part of beauty contests maintain that such events promote child abuse.An age division winner typically receives a trophy, crown, and age-appropriate prize.Overall winners, or “supremes,” usually receive cash or a savings bond.These girls are very small and do not have the opportunity to cast their vote or voice their opinion and hence are easily targeted to take part in child beauty pageants.Many of them end up as victims or pawns of child abuse as they are thrust into this arena of outside beauty at a very young age.Experts argue that there is an urgent need to establish stringent guidelines to help protecting the rights of the participants and ensure that they are not exploited (Healy).Girls, as young as eleven months, take part in beauty pageants and it is the sole decision of their parents to make them participate in these pageants.Most have a photogenic component, some have an interview, and others have a talent competition.One of the most unique parts of a child beauty pageant is the modeling.


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