Assisted Suicide Research Paper

Physician assisted suicide, euthanasia, and the right to die movement are all terms that have been used to describe what many believe, is their right to decide when life ends.

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As science and technology become more adept at prolonging the lives of terminally ill patients, many have begun to wonder if assisted suicide will provide the only recourse for those wishing to end their lives with hope and dignity.

Physician assisted suicide is known by the following terms: The idea that medical technology has created a vortex of care that can, in some instances, be inescapable is an observation that has been made by a number of authors.

Voluntary euthanasia happens either by or at the request of the recipient of the act.

Involuntary euthanasia occurs without the consent of the individual, either because the patient is incompetent, because the patient’s wishes are not known, or because it is a policy to end the life of a person with certain traits (e.g., Nazi euthanasia policies).

In general, one can choose death by euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide.

Broadly understood, euthanasia means “good death”; however, current usage depicts a specific kind of dying, which is usually accomplished by the act of someone other than the one who dies.

Finally, we will conclude with an overview of public policy considerations regarding both of these practices.

Here, euthanasia is to be understood as the voluntary and intentional ending of a person’s life.

Instead, they wish to take matters into their own hands and seek voluntary euthanasia or physician assistance in their suicide.

From the perspective of various religions, these two practices—euthanasia and physician- assisted suicide—raise several ethical, legal, and theological issues.


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