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The transfer of registered intellectual property rights (for example, trade marks and patents) may need to be separately recorded at the relevant registry and this is not specifically covered by this agreement.

The transfer of registered intellectual property rights (for example, trade marks and patents) may need to be separately recorded at the relevant registry and this is not specifically covered by this agreement.How to Use As with our other Seedsummit documents, the Intellectual Property Assignment documents are meant to be a template on which to tailor the bespoke assignment that works best for you, or to use it as is.Most companies have intellectual property as part of their assets, including software, product design, or copyright to white papers.

A large part of what a business consists of may be tied to intellectual property.

It's easy to see physical property a company owns, such as a building, office furniture, or inventory, but intellectual property can be more challenging to identify.

A trademark is a particular kind of intellectual property.

To fully realize its value, you need to do more than protect your rights—you need to monitor and use the mark correctly.

It’s important to understand the ownership of these assets and is something to think about from day one.

We’ve created this document to help you in the event that IP may need to be reassigned to your company or another individual.

Examples of when transfers of intellectual property might happen include when a company is buying another company, when you are setting up an LLC and want to transfer your intellectual property into the company, or when a business buys product rights from another company or individual.

A deed of assignment can be done in one transaction, instead of one transaction for each item of intellectual property, by transferring all ownership rights of all intellectual property detailed in the deed. One obvious caveat is that you can't transfer property you don't own.

Often, multiple rights involving patents, trade marks, copyrights and technologies are combined into a unitary licence agreement that covers everything.

With respect to intellectual property, such rights are often separated into two different classes: hard intellectual property rights (copyrights, trade marks and patents) and soft IP rights (confidential information, trade secrets and know-how).


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