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However, some jurisdictions, such as Florida and California, stipulate that the assignee assumes the assignor's liability for any unlawful distributions the assignor may have made as a member if they would be easily discovered.The existing members of a LLC have great flexibility to establish the procedures for the admittance of new members.Except as provided in subsection A of § 13.1-1040, an assignment does not entitle the assignee to participate in the management and affairs of the limited liability company or to become or to exercise any rights of a member.

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Once an LLC member assigns all of his or her rights in an LLC, some state LLC laws, such as Texas, declare that the assignor is no longer a member of the LLC.

All member rights are therefore nullified by the assignment, even though the assignment is limited to monetary interest.

State LLC laws provide for assignment of either whole or partial interests in an LLC formed in that state subject to any prohibition or restrictions presented by the operating agreement or articles of organization.

Alternatively, state law may restrict any assignment except as allowed in either corporate document.

There are circumstances in which the member may choose, for the benefit of the company, to assign part or all of his interest in the company.

Assignments are addressed by state law, and even though the specifics are left to the individual LLC's articles of organization and operating agreement, state law sets out the basic requirements for handing off a member's share of an LLC.

If participation is allowed, any conditions provided by the corporate documents must be met.

Additionally, state law may impose additional conditions, such as unanimous approval of the members.

The articles of organization or an operating agreement may provide for the assignment or transfer of any interest represented by such a certificate and make other provisions with respect to such certificates.1991, c.

Each Contributor shall have executed and delivered to Acquirer an Assignment and Assumption Agreement, in substantially the form of Exhibit A attached hereto (the “Assignment and Assumption Agreement”). The Assignment of Membership Interests representing legal and beneficial ownership of one hundred percent (100%) of all the outstanding membership interests of the Company, free and clear of all security interests, liens, pledges, charging orders, encumbrances, or other claims in substantially the form attached hereto as Exhibit F. For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and adequacy of which are hereby acknowledged by Assignor, Assignor does hereby assign, grant, bargain, sell, convey, transfer and deliver to Assignee, and his successors and assigns, all of Assignor’s membership interests in KRC Exploration LLC, a Nevada limited liability company. Purchaser shall have received (i) an assignment and assumption agreement in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to Purchaser assigning to Purchaser the Membership Interests (free and clear of all Liens), all membership rights and all rights to participate in the management of the Company, including the appointment of Persons identified to Holdings in writing prior to the Closing as the entire Board of Managers of the Company as of the Closing, and (ii) an accession signature page to the Limited Liability Company Agreement admitting Purchaser as the sole member of the Company. The Class A Members may transfer, convey, assign or pledge all or any portion of such Class A Member’s Membership Interest in the Company at any time, subject to Section 12.3.


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