Assignment Marks

And suppose your assignments marks are not at all uploaded.

Then you must visit the study center and regional center.

The assignments get activated in the student information system at the end of the subject in the announced timelines.

Students have to mandatorily submit their assignments before the commencement of the semester end exams.

You can find your unit coordinators contact details in LMS.

IMT CDL evaluation system has two components: Assignment (30 marks) and End Term Examination (70 marks).The following components will comprise the ETE for each course: .Analytical and conceptual comprehension through multiple choice questions .With the end term exams the schedule for other subjects will also be announced where the student will be able to reappear for the subject he/she wishes to.The End-Term Examination (ETE) is held after every semester. Pf=q("Ka");Event Listener=function(a,b,c,d);r.remove Event Listener=function(a,b,c,d);r. Qb=function(a) ;function ki(a) var li;function mi() ;function ni() var pi=new ii(function(),function(a));ni.prototype.add=function(a,b);ni.prototype.remove=function();function oi() oi.prototype.set=function(a,b);oi.prototype.reset=function();function qi(a,b) var ri;function si() var ti=! 0;xi.prototype.cancel=function(a);function Fi(a,b){if(0==a.o)if(a.ha){var c=a.ha;if(c.w);function Ui(a);function Vi(a,b) ;var Wi=/^(? The evaluation system of the programme is based on following components: Mark Sheets are dispatched to the students after the declaration of the results including the assignment marks on an annual basis after completion of 1st and 2nd Year.The students have to secure 33% marks in each subject for assignment and end semester examination, however, the total pass percentage would be 40% for each subject (assignment and end semester examination combined together).If delegated marking has been enabled for an assignment the instructor should reconcile the marks once marking has finished. Reconciling means reviewing all marks and feedback made by other markers and demining the final score. The reconcile Grades screen has several key parts described below.A: Show Grader Progress: Click to view the progress of all markers, what the marker assigned for the average score for the assignment, and the number of student attempts they have marked.


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