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It suggests a very structured approach to designing assignment briefs that clearly communicate purpose and expectations.While the resource may not bring anything new to the table it is very useful in that it provides details of every stage of the development of an assignment brief (see, in particular, the underlying principles of the guidelines for a break down).

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These descriptors provide a reference point for writing criteria and a common language for differentiating levels and performance within each level.

The design of the individual assignment task should have ensured that students can achieve the unit learning outcomes in completing the task; marking judgements then differentiate performance in that particular task.

You may also like to consider distributing your assignment brief as a video podcast. Are there any previous examples they could look at?

Submission instructions | Learning outcomes | Task details | Size | Penalties for overlong submissions | Marking criteria | Feedback | Support arrangements How should students get their finished work to you? What contingency plans do you recommend in case of technical difficulty? Do they need to provide supporting material such as a bibliography or a plan? The learning outcomes being tested should be copied across from the unit specification.

If there is no penalty for overlong submissions, then this is purely for guidance. If there will be a penalty for submission of an overlong submission, it must be declared here.

If it is not included in the assignment brief, then you cannot apply a penalty during marking.

It may seem helpful to produce a lot of detailed guidance, but it can turn out to be confusing, or you may end up with a large number of very similar submissions.

Indicate a range of acceptable sizes, or a fixed size if this is more appropriate, to give students an idea of what you expect.

More information about each of these can be found below. Note: You do not need to follow the exact format in the indicative brief, and can replace logos and change the structure as appropriate for your subject area.

However, having a consistent format across a programme will probably help students to find information quickly.


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