Assessing Student Writing The Self-Revised Essay

Assessing Student Writing The Self-Revised Essay-65
I work a typical 8-5 day during my summer vacation and despite the early mornings, nothing has made me happier.

I pretend that I’ve written the essay, speak using “I,” and explain the process of reviewing expectations, reviewing my work, coming to a conclusion, and planning next steps.

Quantify and limit the scope of the self-assessment task.

A better approach is to tell students that they need to know how to get help and how to help themselves.

Teaching students to self-assess in manageable ways is a way to help them do both.

And because so much of reflection often happens internally, our students may lack the language or patterns of thought that are required in order to successfully reflect.

Fortunately, we can model this process as we do with many other intellectual process.They are intentional, logical steps towards helping students become more independent evaluators of their own skills, leading towards autonomy and confidence in their writing.Now is a great time to introduce self-assessment to your students because there were previously few tools that helped facilitate or teach this skill. I consider reflection to be the qualitative, softer complement to self-assessment.The truth, as in most cases, is somewhere in between.Self-assessment, when approached with the right mindset, is a way for teachers to guide students towards independence while also supporting a sustainable framework for students to do more writing practice without unnecessarily overburdening teachers.This need not require lots of extra work from the teacher.I like to do this by taking an essay from another class, removing the name, and thinking aloud about the ways in which this writer has met, approached, or exceeded expectations for various parts of the assignment.You might use some prompts that are along these lines, adapted to the level and specifics of your class: It’s unrealistic when adults tell students that they will be “on their own” in the real world.Adults get help with everything from their taxes, to their parenting skills to their grocery shopping.This issue comes to bear when we discuss self-assessment.This can be a scary thing for the teacher who craves control, but it can also be the easy way out for the teacher who is looking to lower their workload.


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