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She is really beautiful but only a select few realize this. In the story her mother says she is beautiful, and then says that she is only beautiful to the seeing eyes. When Emily returned home from the convalescence home, she was very thin and frail.

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My work proposes a broader view of the theatre-film interface, one that relies on intertextuality as its interpretive method.

I believe it is valuable-both pedagogically and theoretically-to ask broad questions about experience called "Failure". Empirical experience or prior knowledge serving to support your interpretive hypothesis.2.

I think the real reason her mother is tormented, is because she knows that Emily has potential and she has not seen or done anything about it, Emily's beauty and talents are hidden not only from the rest of the world but also to herself.

Emily never complained when she went to nursery school like the rest of the children in her family. When her mother thought of her other children, their explosions, tempers, denunciations and demands, she felt suddenly ill (74).

The story never said she was ugly, or that anyone ever told her she was ugly. Information on Oliver Sacks' book The Island of the Colorblind.

To the seeing eye Emily was beautiful, but what did her family believe, her mother? more useful if we explore exactly the points of knowing and not knowing which are significant for the audience of the Harrowing.

Emily always had found some reason to stay home, and always asked so nicely if they could "please stay home momma" (74).

Emily's mother took full advantage of that and never rewarded Emily for her good behavior; and she never saw it for what it really was.

Seeing Eye's I stand here ironing, and what you have asked me moves tormented back and forth with the iron" (Mc Quade 73).

Emily's mother was asked by what seems to be a therapist, if she could help them understand her daughter because she needed help (73).


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