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Interpretations of each vary, however both affirm social inequalities in the music of popular culture.Modern culture examples from television reflect the presence of social inequalities.Truly, the possibilities are endless – and usually, a little overwhelming. Is the topic right, good enough or even argumentative?

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Social inequalities are a significant aspect to the content in micro blogging settings like Tumblr or social networking outlets such as “whisper.” In these forms, people are able to voice their opinions, speaking on personal and collective levels.

For example, many of the conversations that take place in social networking realms focus on what it is like to experience discrimination and prejudice.

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It displays the beliefs people embrace, and helps to reflect social or personal identity.

Popular culture is able to show the empowerment or the lack of it people experience.

Accordingly, social inequalities are reflected in the form and content of popular culture to a great extent. They can be seen in multiple dimensions of cultural life.

Issues such as race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and psychological identity are just a few of existing cultural inequalities that popular culture reflects. The use of the Internet and mobile technology has helped to explore social inequalities.


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