Ap Bio Darwin Essay

He went around the world on a ship and he saw fossils of creatures that obviously were not alive today and he started realizing hey these species are gone but they show great resemblance resemblance to some of our modern species.These guys would wear over a hundred pounds worth of equipment and they could stand up and fight.They were really tough, but they would go off on the crusades for decades leaving their little witty serfs behind saying "don't worry my Lord I'll watch the castle...Well Darwin realized hey if humans can do that artificially then why can't nature do it.And so we came up with this idea of natural selection, so he defined his theory of evolution as the idea that groups of organisms will undergo genetic changes over time due to this thing called natural selection.For example if you think back to England during the time of the crusades who was the strongest individuals?The knights sitting there in their armor, mighty muscles.He found giant versions of sloughs I mean the size of like a Rhino but modern sloughs are nowhere near that big and you realize hey those giant sloughs might be the ancestors of our modern sloughs. Embryology if you at the development of different kinds of creatures you can see changes as they grow and develop from the fertilized egg to the full juvenile offspring.You can see how they develop and scientists haven't been able to figure out those with similar development in their embryo stage are likely more closely related.and your wife." This probably led to great changes in the composition of the population when the knight came home and after a decade away in the woods met his 8 year old son.Now modern scientists have realized that there's not just natural selection, but there's another factor called genetic drift which is the idea that sometimes if you have a small enough group rather than having some people die or some organisms die because of particular trait they do or don't have is just because of random chance.


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