Anorexia And Media Influence Essay

He called it "melancholia",which means "a mental disorder". Professor Myrna Weissman, fromthe University of Yale, has proven that if the parent's are depressed the child has a fiftypercent chance of being depressed too.“…The psychologist seems to be the only person who knows from experience how precarious the psychic preparedness of modern man is, for he is the only one who sees himself compelled to seek out in man’s nature those helpful forces and ideas which over and over have enabled the individual to find the right way through darkness and danger.For this exacting work the psychologist requires all his patience, he may not rely on traditional “oughts” or “musts” leaving the other person to make all the effort and contenting himself with the easy role of adviser and admonisher.Psychiatrist say that when achild is abused they tend to lock away their emotions and the event in the back of theirhead.There they replay it over and over, many times blaming themselves for the abuse.They start to feel down, andnegative about themselves. Psychological Depression: The main cause of Psychological Depression, is loss.Children and even adults continually attach themselves to people and things, and whenthey loss their the object of their attachment, they feel empty and lost. Another cause is the molestation or abuse of a child.People who diet accept the message that they are unattractive and that this will affect their ability to get a good job or attract members of the opposite sex. Research shows clearly that overweight women suffer in some important respects.They are less likely to be accepted into higher education, they have lower salaries; they are less likely to date in adolescence and are less likely to be married in adult life.The media, especially social media are held responsible for the growth and maintenance of eating disorders. In this short article I will explore myth and fact, and hopefully provide you with some thoughts that might help you decide what is cause and what is effect.It seems that the media doesn’t simply make the ideal body desirable, it promotes the message that anything else is undesirable.


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