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Have you ever heard the saying you need to know the rules to break them?

Have you ever heard the saying you need to know the rules to break them?While we learn proper punctuation and grammar throughout school and lose points for erring from the dictated path, the opposite is often true of great pieces of literature.

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And, as with all preparation for the exam, identifying and analyzing these aspects of syntax gets easier and easier the more you read, study, and practice. We’ll begin with a rather easy one to spot in a passage of literature on the AP lit test. Remember, just like syntax is a tool for analyzing literature for you, syntax was a tool for writing literature for all these authors. Short sentences, especially ones strung together, actually slow down the reader, drawing more emphasis to the few words in that sentence.

On the other hand, longer, more easily flowing sentences allow the reader to move more quickly through that section.

It’s important to think of literary elements you’ve studied and mastered as tools in your belt that you’ll be metaphorically bringing with you on the day of your AP English Literature Exam. Pinpointing specific diction is your measuring tape.

Studying themes and tone are each nails necessary to drive down that coveted 9 score.

Authors will purposefully add or neglect punctuation in forming the syntax of their sentences in order to create a desired effect. How is that effect different than if the author wrote everything out explicitly? Does it indicate an interruption or a clarification?

Be on the lookout for whenever there is a form of punctuation other than a period or a comma. How could it have structured differently and why did the author make that specific choice of punctuation?

In a passage look for how an author uses syntax to push forward a particular meaning of the text.

Graders on the AP English Literature exam typically award higher scores to those test takers who delve into the deeper, more complex meanings of a piece of literature.

Don’t be intimidated by the amount of information below.

Most is just giving terms to structures you are already very familiar with as a student of literature. While it may seem like a rather insignificant characteristic, the length of a sentence and how it’s paired with sentences of different or similar lengths can make a large impact on the meaning, emotion, or emphasis of a passage.


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