Amin Unequal Development Essay

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Indeed, it remains a basically ‘non-European’ project, scarcely more than the European part of the American project …

Russia, China and India are the three strategic opponents of Washington’s project...

What has not been analysed is how these sets of capitalist dynamics intersect.

In a new article in the journal Globalizations, entitled ‘Uneven and combined development and unequal exchange: the second wind of neoliberal ‘free trade’?

Islamist militants are not actually interested in the discussion of dogmas which form religion, but on the contrary are concerned about the ritual assertion of membership in the community.

Such a world view is therefore not only distressing, as it conceals an immense poverty of thought, but it also justifies Imperialism's strategy of substituting a "conflict of cultures" for a conflict between the liberal, imperialist centres and the backward, dominated peripheries.Amin was born in Cairo, the son of an Egyptian father and a French mother (both medical doctors).He spent his childhood and youth in Port Said; there he attended a French high school, leaving in 1947 with a Baccalauréat.From 1947 to 1957 he studied in Paris, gaining a diploma in political science (1952) before graduating in statistics (1956) and economics (1957).In his autobiography Itinéraire intellectuel (1990) he wrote that in order to spend a substantial amount of time in "militant action" he could devote only a minimum of time to preparing for his university exams.In 1957 he presented his thesis, supervised by François Perroux among others, originally titled The origins of underdevelopment – capitalist accumulation on a world scale but retitled The structural effects of the international integration of precapitalist economies.A theoretical study of the mechanism which creates so-called underdeveloped economies.Hence, political Islam aligns itself in general with capitalism and imperialism, without providing the working classes with an effective and non-reactionary method of struggle against their exploitation.It is important to note, however, that Amin was careful to distinguish his analysis of political Islam from islamophobia, thus remaining sensitive to the anti-Muslim attitudes that currently affect Western Society.In 1970 he became director of the IDEP, which he managed until 1980.In 1980 Amin left the IDEP and became a director of the Third World Forum in Dakar.


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