Act Essays Scored 6

Act Essays Scored 6-81
Don’t worry about being “clever” with this sentence.

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Be mindful if the information you’re including is an appeal to the reader’s We all have unique and valuable perspectives.

Sharing your personal observations is a simple way to add more to your writing while lending more support to your argument.

While it’s of course important not to just make up facts in your writing, you should feel free to use some general facts.

If you happen to know something about the topic you’re writing about, it’s a splendid idea to include this information.

You can get a better idea of how to organize from tips three and four.

For example, you might argue that it’s a reasonable policy for visitors to the nation’s museums in Washington, D. Your topic sentence might suggest that by having to pay, people will place greater value on their visit (i.e. Going back to the paid-entry to national museums in Washington example: you might talk about how families visiting for a long weekend from faraway might not come if they had to pay for two adults and several children at three museums.

In order to make yourself more persuasive, the goal is to come across as For example, maintaining the third-person when referring to yourself can result in strange phrases like “this writer thinks that.” This is cumbersome writing for both you and the reader.

On this note, it is also unnecessary to always refer to yourself when expressing an opinion; you don’t need to always write “I think…” or “I believe…”If you’re able to finish your writing early, go ahead and spice it up a little, but again only after you’ve finished.

But, this doesn’t give you permission to have no organization.

Organizing your writing will help the reader understand your writing and help you write quicker and with more clarity.


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